Fusion HDR (High Dynamic Range) represents a major advance in real estate photography. Using simple lighting and advanced software for editing images, digital photography can now rival traditional architectural techniques, which require extensive preparation and complex lighting schemes. Fusion HDR lends a vibrant yet natural look to interior spaces that allows viewers to truly preview homes without stepping inside. Realtors using professional Fusion photography can expect a significant increase both in traffic and in time spent viewing virtual tours over traditional photographs. Informal surveys have shown that home buyers on average spend between 5-10 minutes looking at tours using Fusion HDR images!

Traditional HDR photography typically has unnatural and distracting artifacts due to over compressing the exposures--it can yield great results for some situations, but Fusion HDR is the first system that consistently yields superior results in all interior situations. In addition, it is a fast process; we can normally complete a 25 image session in under 45 minutes, saving everyone time and expense.



Below are some comparison photos taken in an apartment model to highlight some of the differences you can expect with fusion photographs. Each shot was taken quickly using only available natural light. Future examples will include larger spaces where Fusion photography makes an even bigger difference.

In this first photo we have a basic image as you might find with any cell phone or consumer digital camera. Despite the staging in the room, it can only capture a narrow view, and comes across as a flat and lifeless space. The room looks somewhat dark, and the window in the dining room is over exposed. 

Here, with a professional camera, we can get a sense of the entire space and achieve brighter lighting, which feels more inviting. 

In this version, with several images fused together, we are finally "selling" the space. Although at first glance it may seem similar to the second image above, once we start to look at the details the differences becomes clear. Take a moment to look at the sofa, the mirrors, and the flooring in both photographs and you can see how each piece really comes to life in the fusion version. Colors are bright and saturated without being distracting. The light in the living room and dining area is greatly evened out. The overall impression is one that invites the viewer into a bright, clear space and allows the viewer to experience the apartment in its full potential.